TTG Digital is a full-service Digital Firm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a satellite office in Shanghai, China.We are a boutique firm who believes in offering our clients a voice through the process building exactly what they need while following best practices and delivering a superior product. We we specialize in the production and management of customer facing web content. For small to mid-size businesses flexible schedule and competitive prices make us the perfect partner for your project.

TTG Digital竭诚为您提供全方位服务。本公司总部位于美国威斯康辛州密尔沃基,在中国上海设有常驻办公室。作为一家精品公司,我们致力于在合作过程中传达客户理念,精准满足客户需求,并以强大执行能力保证优质产品的达成。本公司擅长建构及维护面向用户的网站内容。灵活的工作流程设置、具有竞争力的报价使我们成为中小型商家合作伙伴的不二人选。